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At The Neurosurgery Spine & Pain Center, we provide comprehensive care that focuses on total spine health, not just spine surgery.

Quite frankly, we don’t believe spine surgery should always be the first choice. That’s why we only offer surgery to our patients after all other treatment options have been explored. We do not treat X-Rays or tests, we treat patients. The majority of all adults will have some abnormality on radiographic or MRI testing if they are in pain or not. It takes a well-trained physician and team to determine if the abnormality is contributing to pain. Even in the modern era of medicine, the history and physical examination are still the most important aspect of initiating a plan of treatment for someone in pain.

By combining the best in non-surgical spine treatments with the latest advances in neurosurgery, we’re able to provide the highest quality, patient-focused care available anywhere.

But it’s not just about our dedication to your total spine health that sets us apart – it’s also our philosophy of treating each patient individually and compassionately. We know the words “spine surgery” can be scary. So we take time to answer your questions and make sure you’re comfortable with the answers.

We also know that pain alters every aspect of an individual’s life. We take time to listen how your pain has effected your life. Only by listening and examining and then utilizing appropriate tests can an evidence based treatment approach be formulated.

From routine procedures such as herniated disc repair, to more complex procedures like spinal fusion surgery, Dr. James Blankenship and his staff provide leading edge neurosurgical services with a personal touch.

Our dedication to your total spine health means that you can rest assured you are putting yourself in the best hands.

At The Neurosurgery Spine & Pain Center, our mission is simple: If you’re hurting, we help the pain go away. If your quality of life is impaired, we help get you back into living life to the fullest.

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James B. Blankenship, MD

Spinal Neurosurgeon
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R. David Cannon, MD

Interventional Pain Management • Anesthesiologist
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